June 30, 2022

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1. The Civilian Who Got a Bronze Star from the Army (ft. Joe Galloway)

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Welcome to the first episode of Military.com’s new podcast, Left of Boom. I’m Hope Hodge Seck, managing editor for news. Every day, our reporting team is out there covering the news affecting the military community. But we felt we wanted a place to go deeper on the topics you care about, and to let you hear directly from the legends and trailblazers and changemakers who have left their mark on the military. So that’s what we’ll do. In this our first episode we’ll talk to Joe Galloway, a war correspondent whose coverage of the Vietnam War helped shape how we remember and understand it. His book about the Battle of Ia Drang inspired the 2002 blockbuster We Were Soldiers, and he has been portrayed in film by no fewer than three A-list actors. Much more impressively, he’s the only civilian to ever receive the Bronze Star for combat valor for heroism in Vietnam from the Army. Now he has a really special new book out, They Were Soldiers, about the incredible lives of various people who served in Vietnam. Be sure to visit https://www.military.com/ for more of the news and information you need about the military community.

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