October 7, 2022

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50 Years Undefeated! Why is the F-15 the best fighter jet?

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On July 27, 1972, the Boeing F-15 flew for the first time with Chief Test Pilot Irv Burrows at the controls. Fifty years later, the undefeated F-15 continues to evolve and add advanced capability to the U.S. Air Force fighter fleet.

00:00 Intro F-15
01:48 5 reasons why the F-15 Eagle best fighter of all time
01:57 F-15 – It is fast
03:13 F-15 – Its impressive ki-ll record
04:12 F-15 – It ki-lls
05:13 F-15 – Versatility
05:57 F-15 – It could take out satellites in space.

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