October 7, 2022

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Area Control has been studying the science of news from about 2004 to date. https://areacontrol.com being the first news site. We have since evolved to many other news sources and sites. The new  Area Control Network main news website

This site; [News Science] is compiled of many news sources from YouTube and many other sources.  These News sources are considered to be legit news sources so there is no fake news post. Some may slip through our fingers at times so it is still up to the reader to be resourceful in their research.

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News Reporting

news reporting jobs require you to research news sources and learn as much as you can about each of the sources. You should also be prepared to write a detailed story based on the researched information. Since most news sources do not publish everything, often you will have to obtain permission to use or include certain information from the sources. This article will provide some tips on writing news articles.

In your first draft, gather together as much information as possible about the news source, including basic facts and any current rumors that have been circulating through the media. You should then conduct interviews with the newsmakers to get their take on the story. The interview should be conducted as a courtesy, and you should never ask the reporter to ask you questions directly. If you are pressed to speak, remember that you are a guest and you have no right to ask your guest questions.

Once you have spoken with several newspapers, you should have a better idea of what you want to write. News reporters are often given a brief title or keyword title. In your outline, make sure to include all of the details that will be included in the piece. Repeat those keywords or topics in the headlines and paragraphs throughout your article. Do not stray away from the primary focus of the piece.

Some news reporters have a preferred style. Perhaps they prefer to write in third person. If you are a freelance news reporter, you may also find it helpful to learn other styles. While it may be important to be able to effectively report on breaking news, you must remember that your readers and the news media in general prefer reports that take place in first person. If you are writing for another outlet, be sure to learn their preferred style.

When writing news stories about various public or private agencies, it is important to provide sources. Sources are any individuals or institutions that provide information to the news media about the subject of your story. In the past, sources were usually identified by name but that has changed in recent years. In recent news stories, sources have been described as anonymous or non-existent.

The sources that news reporters often use come from a variety of places. Often they search through archives, newsrooms and other databases. There may also be sources from the government and law enforcement officials. Sometimes the information comes from personal acquaintances and close family members. Once your sources are located, you should provide them with a summary of the information.

You may also need to provide supporting information for your news report. Supporting information can come from your daily life and from the activities of your coworkers and friends. This is often referred to as ‘background information.’ In some cases, news reporters are required to get their own background information before writing a story, although this rarely happens.

Finally, you need to provide photos or videos of the event. Most news organizations require photographs or video in addition to text. Even though you may not have a camera yourself, you can often hire a professional photographer to take photos or video at the scene. In many cases, news reporters are not permitted to personally interview people that they are interviewing. In order to make sure that your interview is conducted in an ethical and appropriate manner, you should plan your interview with your news reporter prior to the interview. This will ensure that you are aware of any stipulations that may be set forth during the interview process.

If you are serious about writing news articles and do not have the required reporters  Article Forge offers the best solution to reporting! The AI news reporter.

Article forge uses the AI to compile your news reports out of key words and sub keywords that you choose. Say you would like to report on all of the stupid things that Donald Trump does.  I created on with the AI News Reporter on one of my news websites. See the article here:
How and why Donald Trump lies occurred

So All you need to do is put your key words in, select some other options and the AI News reporter does the rest. However after that I put the article in word press news site then I will edit it. I will ad or change links to the key words. in the article above I changed the video the AI placed in the article and added a second video. I removed some unrelative content and added a little and researched to make sure the content was good.. How ever it would have taken me a couple of hours or more  to sit down research and write that article I  completed the task in less than 30 minuets. Article Forge AI also learns from your articles.
So the more you use it the smarter your article AI will get!

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