October 4, 2022

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How the U.S. Aircraft Carrier become King of The Sea

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How the U.S. Aircraft Carrier become King of The Sea – In just a century, aircraft carriers have evolved from launching canvas-winged biplanes to formidable fighter jets capable of striking targets from hundreds of miles away. Although the ships themselves have changed a lot over the past 100 years, aircraft carriers remain the answer to one of the toughest questions for any navy: How do you project power by sea?

In 1942, Admiral William ‘Bull’ Halsey, one of America’s greatest aircraft carrier commanders, briefly summed up the role of the carrier in enabling the US Navy to "approach each other with everything you have as quickly as possible and hand it over to him. "The US was not the thinker behind the first aircraft carriers. Developed during the early 20th century, aircraft carriers or seaplane tenders were deployed across the Atlantic during World War I. Like tank development, the US Navy initially followed in the footsteps of Britain and other European nations. The US Navy’s first aircraft carrier, USS Mississippi, was converted from a warship in 1913. The new Mississippi seaplane saw action during the American occupation of Veracruz, Mexico, launching a reconnaissance mission. Instead of launching the planes from its deck, Mississippi lowered the planes into the water and collected them after they landed. Although it had the advantage of the moment, it also prevented planes from flying when the seas were rough. The first big steps toward modern aircraft carriers came when ships began launching aircraft from their decks rather than from the sea.

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