July 1, 2022

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Portuguese Paratroopers In Close Combat During Assault On Rebel Camp In Central African Republic

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Intense combat footage released by the Portugese ministry of defense shows Portugese elite paratrooper commandos in close combat during an assault of an African rebel camp in the Central African Republic.

The amazing fact about this video is that it shows a whole combined arms operations with all aspects of combat.

Step by step the footage shows you how a mechanized assault is conducted all filmed with GoPro helmet cameras shwoing the firefight on the ground and overall drone footage giving a look over the battlefield during the fight.

On August 14, the Portuguese Force was conducting a patrolling operation, on the route between Yade and Koui, where attacks and ambushes had been launched against the MINUSCA Forces, with heavy weapons, RPG and explosives.

In the course of this action, a camp was detected, using aerial means (unmanned aerial vehicles of the Portuguese Army), 10 km from Koui, where elements were armed with RPGs and assault rifles.

This fact was assessed as an imminent and potentially lethal threat to the Portuguese Force, which led Parachutists to immediately request air support (helicopter Mi17 from Sri Lanka, for prevention at MINUSCA Base in Bocaranga) and to act, in line with current operating procedures, to neutralize this position.

Initially, our military fired mortar shells, in close coordination with the helicopter, on which was an advanced air controller from the Portuguese Air Force.

As the operation evolved, the Force moved to the place where the presence of armed elements had been identified by the drones. In this displacement, he was the target of fire by the elements of Group 3R, which hit two vehicles of the Force, which led to a reaction with the firing of the weapons of these vehicles.

Then, part of the Force dismounted – in contact conditions – and was in combat for more than three hours, having neutralized three positions of the 3Rs.

This combat action resulted in no injuries to the Portuguese Force.

In the subsequent work of collecting evidence in the camp of the armed group, several communications equipment and some articles of clothing and improvised weaponry were identified, which were seized.

The Force continued its mission, having returned to the MINUSCA base in Bocaranga, without registering any further incidents.

At the base, it was possible to observe, in two Armored Pandur vehicles, the marks of shots, fired by elements of the Armed Group.

This type of operations is carried out with the engagement of different types of armored Pandur vehicles, including, vehicles with remotely controlled weapon, recovery and ambulance, as well as VAMTAC ST5 Armored Vehicles, recently sent to the Central African Republic, and used for the first time in combat.

This is the 7th National Force deployed in this theater of operations, with the current contingent consisting of 180 military personnel, mostly special paratrooper troops from the Portuguese Army, also integrating military personnel from other Army units and Air Force Advanced Air Controllers.

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