December 4, 2021

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Putin talks Belarus future with EU leaders | DW News

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Belarusian opposition politician Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya on Wednesday urged the European Union not to recognize the results of disputed residential elections that have led to daily demonstrations in Belarus. The appeal came as leaders of the 27 EU member countries prepared to hold an emergency summit on the unrest.
Belarus has been rocked by mass protests since authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko claimed a landslide victory in elections on August 9. The opposition accuses the 65-year-old of rigging the vote to secure a sixth term after 26 years in power. Protesters are calling for him to step down and for new elections to be held.
According to experts Vladimir Putin’s Russia isn’t pinning its hopes on the weakened autocrat, but on the fact that Belarus is and remains a pro-Russia country. They believe the Kremlin wouldn’t mind a change in government, as long as it doesn’t involve an abrupt turn toward the West, the EU or NATO.

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