August 16, 2022

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The secrets of submarines that enemy must not know

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Anyway, what might lead to the question is, why is the shape of the submarine’s propeller kept a secret? What is the danger if the shape of a submarine’s propeller is uncovered?. Faster speed, high maneuverability and having little noise in the water are all particular demands of military vessels. Sound waves travel great distances through the water and the distinctive sound of a propeller seems to make a sub easy to identify among the other noises of the ocean by predatory submarines lurking beneath the waves. The propeller noise can often be so distinctive that sonar operators are able to not only identify a particular class of ship or submarine from its noise signature but also the individual vessel.

U.S propeller technology
Faster speed
Cavitation takes place
Having the ability to noise reduction
The bubbles leave the blades
The reason submarine propellers is kept a secret

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