May 26, 2022

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WI v. Theodore Edgecomb Trial Day 5 – Redirect & Recross Theodore – Edgecomb – Defendant

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Theodore Malcolm Edgecomb, 31. Black. Charged with first-degree reckless homicide, with a modifier of use of a dangerous weapon. He also charged with felony bail jumping, and misdemeanor bail jumping.
victim: Jason Cleereman, 54. Milwaukee immigration attorney and activist. White. Shot in the left eyebrow.

According to victim Jason Cleereman’s wife, she was driving her husband westbound in Milwaukee on Sept 22, 2020, Edgecomb rode his bike eastbound in her lane (wrong direction), and she had to swerve out of the way to miss him. The victim then yelled “what the heck!” out the window. Edgecomb then pulled over at a red light next to the victim’s window and asked if he was talking to him and he said yes. Edgecomb then punched Cleereman causing him to bleed and fled. The punch from Edgecomb is captured on video, this has not been released to the public yet, but the judge ruled it will come into trial.

The couple then drove after Edgecomb, Jason Cleereman exited the car at an intersection and approached Edgecomb, his wife says she yelled to him about Edgecomb having a gun, but he didn’t react and Edgecomb shot him, and then looked like he would shoot her too, but fled with his bicycle. The victim died of his injuries and was found lying facedown on a staircase. This was also captured on CCTV footage (we have the footage).

His attorneys say Cleereman’s car almost hit him on his bike, that Jason rolled down his window (passenger side) and yelled a racial slur at him, they claim Cleereman was drunk. They say his toxicology level indicated he was legally drunk. (We do not have the autopsy report). The defense then says the Cleermans followed Egdecomb on his bike with their car (on video), Jason got out and went toward Edgecomb. They say he shot in self-defense. There is mention of Cleereman having a folded pocket knife in his pocket but no mention of if Edgecomb saw/knew this. Defense announced after seeing self-defense expert, John Black, testified on behalf of KYLE RITTENHOUSE, they will call him as a witness in this trial, “Theodore Edgecomb deserves the same right that Kyle Rittenhouse got.
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