Security challenges for likely Modi third term | Global Eyes

Voting is underway in the world’s biggest democracy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is widely expected to win a third term and his nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party could even take a supermajority in parliament.

00:00 Modi on “big & tough” decisions
00:29 World’s biggest democracy votes
01:59 Rao on likely foreign policy challenges
03:22 Bridge between East & West and North & South, G20 leadership
06:28 Bajpaee on impact of foreign policy in Indian elections
08:42 India as friend of the world or a mediator
10:40 Source of M odi government’s popularity & India’s place in world.
12:45 West needs India more than India needs West.
14:45 Ukraine war as game-changer for India
16:40 Russia’s irreversible move to China
19:45 Indian dependence on defense imports
21:50 Is Modi stance on China softening?
24:55 Impact of alleged Indian targeted killings & democratic backsliding.
26:30 “India’s imperfect democracy trumps China’s one-party authoritarian state.”
30:20 Could Modi extend olive branch to Pakistan in a third term?
31:47 India’s most stable border: Pakistan
34:50 Kashmir, Islamabad and Taliban
36:53 Summary


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