Susan Downey explains why husband Robert plays four roles in ‘The Sympathizer’

(15 Apr 2024)
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Los Angeles – 9 April 2024
1. SOUNDBITE (English) Susan Downey and Niv Fichman, executive producers:
Downey: "Well, it came to us with the idea that was actually director Park’s idea to have these four characters all played by the same actor. And Robert loved the challenge of that. He loved that each of them represented sort of a different pillar of American society, and he liked the challenge of bringing them to life in a heightened way, but not so heightened that you disconnected. You know, they’re from the Captain’s point of view, so you have a lot of room to play. But he at the same time challenged director Park and Don to give a real reason behind it. He did not want it to just be a gimmick. He wanted there to be some sort of emotional or character-driven philosophy behind it. And so they sort of stepped away, they went back to the source material, – and I don’t want to reveal it now, because you kind of have to watch the whole series to understand it – but they ultimately landed with an explanation as to why, from The Captain’s perspective, all these men would share some common features."



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