Family of prisoner Bahaa Tayan demands support for Palestinian inmates

(16 Apr 2024)

Nablus, West Bank – 16 April 2024
1. Nidal Tayan, father of prisoner Bahaa Tayan, entering his son’s room
2. Bahaa’s belongings
3. Nidal in his son’s room
4. Toys near computer screen
5. Various of Bahaa’s family
6. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Nidal Tayan, father of prisoner Bahaa Tayan:
"Any prisoner today is subject to execution, to martyrdom. There is no exception. Any prisoner who tries to pray or carry the Quran (Islam’s holy book) and read it is subjected to beatings and torture. There is no food. Since Oct. 7 until today, we have no information, there is no specific information from someone who has come out (of prison), saying that they have seen my son (inside)."
7. Tayan holding mobile phone
8. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Nidal Tayan, father of prisoner Bahaa Tayan:
"They had demanded that he (my son) gets a lengthy sentence and we were surprised by the sentence. They had demanded that he be sentenced to 12 years in prison and we were shocked by the sentence. He was accused of shooting and being in an armed clash with the Israeli army from a distance of 30 metres."
9. Nidal holding picture of his son Bahaa
10. Photo showing Nidal with his son Bahaa
11. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Nidal Tayan, father of prisoner Bahaa Tayan:
"We are content with our fate and what he has done brings us pride. At the end of the day, we have no objections and this is God’s judgement and will. God willing, we are remaining patient. We seek only one thing, support for the detainees. We do not want anything else, we do not want something material. We want moral support."

Ramallah, West Bank – 16 April 2024
12. News conference on the prisoners
13. Media at news conference
14. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Qadura Fares, head of Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs:
"The crimes being committed by the occupation against our people are unprecedented and so are the ones against our prisoners. We are dealing with the new version of the occupying state, with its new vision and strategies. This means that we are facing a new era of struggle with this occupation. This state that is led by a group of terrorist fascists who are constantly open and not ashamed or afraid of anyone in their legislation of a series of crimes, whether in the form of killing, destruction, bombing, starvation and siege – or through what the prisoners face inside the occupation’s prisons."
15. Sign reading (Arabic/English): "Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs"
16. Commission’s building
The family of prisoner Bahaa Tayan expressed on Tuesday their concern for their son who is being held in an Israeli prison.

Bahaa, 19, was arrested last May and his family has been able to visit him only once in nearly a year of imprisonment, his father, Nidal said.

Nidal said prisoners are subjected to beatings if they choose to pray or read Islam’s holy book, the Quran.

Nidal also said that the family has not had any recent information about Bahaa from someone who has come out of prison.

Nidal said he was shocked at the request for a long prison sentence for his son, as Bahaa was initially supposed to serve 12 years in prison.

Bahaa was charged with firing shots and engaging in armed clashes with the Israeli army.

Nidal said the prisoners need moral support.

Violence continues to flare across the occupied West Bank.

Near daily Israeli raids across the territory have resulted in mass arrests of Palestinians,

Violence has surged in the West Bank since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack out of Gaza that triggered a war.

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