Scholz visits Beijing, comments on China’s exports of so-called dual-use goods to Russia

(16 Apr 2024)

Beijing – 16 April 2024
1. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arriving
2. Journalists
3. SOUNDBITE (German) Olaf Scholz, German chancellor:
“It is very important to me that it is clear that Putin cannot simply continue this war as he started it. This war has no cause, no reason that is justified. And that is why it is terrible to see the brutality with which it is still being pursued. Our support for Ukraine is very clear. I am firmly convinced that the talks we have held here are a building block. This will help to ensure that we can now also talk about the issues that need to be addressed diplomatically. As I said, the dialogue processes we have had so far were important and valuable in Copenhagen, Valletta and Davos. And we are now continuing to take such steps. I believe that many people in our country understand very well that this is a necessary process that we need to take forward alongside our military support for Ukraine. That was important here and it was good that we were able to move this forward.”
4. Scholz speaking
5. SOUNDBITE (German) Olaf Scholz, German chancellor:
“And for me, it is also important that it is clear that there is an unconditional desire to ensure that no arms are supplied to Russia. But that this, that is also the question of dual use, must not go unheeded. And it was possible to put forward everything here that was necessary and in such a way that it could not be misunderstood.”
6. Journalists
7. SOUNDBITE (German) Olaf Scholz, German chancellor:
“Of course, the issues of economic relations have been very central. These are also issues that need concreteness, that need pragmatism and that cannot be talked around. For example, the issue of the level playing field for German companies here in China. I think good things have been achieved here too.”
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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he asked Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Tuesday to pressure Russia to end its military operation in Ukraine, the latest in a parade of European leaders and senior officials to make such an appeal.

“China is not a party to the Ukraine crisis but has consistently promoted talks for peace in its own way,” read a Chinese statement following talks between Xi and Scholz in the Chinese capital.

Scholz, winding up a three-day visit to China, told journalists that he believes “a building block has been put in place” that will contribute to discussions on diplomatic efforts to end the war.

Earlier, he said in a post on the social media platform X that he had asked Xi to use his influence with Russia.

“China’s word carries weight in Russia. So I asked President Xi to bear upon Russia so that Putin finally breaks off his insane campaign, withdraws his troops and ends this terrible war,” he wrote.

China has broken with the West in refusing to criticize Russia’s military operation.

While the government says it is not sending military aid to Moscow, it has provided an economic lifeline by growing trade with Russia, helping it cope with Western sanctions.

A U.S. intelligence report last week found Beijing has increased equipment sales to Moscow to indirectly boost its war effort against Ukraine.

Scholz stressed the importance of diplomatic efforts to end the conflict in Ukraine.

He said he believes that “with the meetings we held here, a building block has been put in place” that will contribute to discussions on diplomatic efforts.

Scholz said his talks had addressed China’s exports of so-called dual-use goods to Russia.

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