Scores, including children, gather in Deir al-Balah schoolyard as charity workers distribute food

(16 Apr 2024)

Deir al-Balah, Central Gaza Strip – 16 April 2024
1. Pots of cooked food loaded onto a donkey cart entering a school housing displaced people
2. Various of children carrying bowls gather to fill it with cooked food
3. Various of workers filling people’s bowls with cooked food
4. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Ibraheem Harara, displaced from Gaza City:
"Our food today is mostly coming from charities like the one of Abu Osama. We tell the children, women and the daughter-in-law to come here. Conditions are difficult but thank God. May God make things easier. I have 17 people in one tent. "
5. Various of people gathering to fill their bowls with food
6. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Ibraheem Harara, displaced from Gaza City:
"It is not easy. It is difficult. I go to homes and Abu Osama knows that, asking for two loaves of bread or one and a dish of cooked meal. Thank God. There is no money. There is nothing in the pockets unless God brings us something from here or there to get by. "
7. Various of people gathering to fill their bowls with food
8. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Mohammad Salim, displaced from Gaza City:
"To make a meal a day, you need 5 shekels. What are we going to get 50 shekels from? We also go buy the water but it is better than nothing."
9. Various of children jostling to fill their pots with food
10. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Raed Shikh Khalil, displaced from Gaza City:
"The situation is bad, very bad. Aid is little for people and there are people who don’t work and don’t get paid. There are people whose jobs have stopped such as daily workers and those who work in some industries. There are people whose work and businesses were destroyed in Gaza or in the south or in Khan Younis. They are here and there is very little aid that is not enough for people."
11. Various of children carrying bowls full of food and leaving
Scores of people, many of them children, gathered in the yard of a school in the central city of Deir al-Balah in the Gaza Strip Tuesday to receive food from a charity organization.

Giant pots full of food were brought into the school where people gathered to have their plates filled with rice or stew.

Food has been scarce in the Gaza Strip with much of the territory on the brink of starvation due to Israel’s brutal offensive.

The Israel-Hamas war broke out on Oct. 7, following an attack by Hamas on southern Israel in which 1,200 people were killed and about 250 taken as hostages.

The humanitarian situation is bad in most of the Gaza Strip but the northern part of the coastal region has been struck with severe shortages of food.

Famine is said to be imminent in the hard-hit north, where aid has struggled to reach because of the fighting.

Israel has opened a new crossing for aid trucks into the north as it ramps up aid deliveries to the besieged enclave.

However, the United Nations says the surge of aid is not being felt in Gaza because of persistent distribution difficulties.

The U.N. food agency on Monday said it managed to deliver fuel and wheat flour to a bakery in isolated Gaza City in the north for the first time since the war started.

AP video shot by Abd Al Kareem Hana
AP production: Wafaa Shurafa


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