Funeral for Hezbollah commander killed in Israeli strike

(17 Apr 2024)

Chehabiyeh, Lebanon – 17 April 2024
1. Various of funeral procession for Hezbollah commander Ismail Baz and another Hezbollah member killed in a drone strike
2. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Hussein Jashi, Hezbollah MP:
“The time has come to pay the price and be punished for your crimes for the last 75 years. Yes, Netanyahu tried to stop his isolation by assaulting the Iranian consulate in Damascus. The response from the Iranian republic made his (Netanyahu) position worse on all fronts and showed how fragile his entity is.”
3. Various of funeral
4. Various of prayer
Hundreds of people in the Lebanese city of Chehabiyeh gathered on Wednesday for the funeral of a Hezbollah commander killed in an Israeli drone strike that targeted a car in southern Lebanon.

Ismail Baz served as a senior and veteran official in several positions of Hezbollah’s military wing, said the Israeli military.

It added that as part of his position, Ismail was involved in the promotion and planning of rocket and anti-tank missile launches toward Israel from the coastal area of Lebanon.

Hezbollah responded Wednesday with a drone and rocket attack on a border town in Israel’s north, injuring 14 soldiers.

The Israeli military says six of the soldiers were seriously wounded.

It said the strike hit a community center in the town of Arab al-Aramshe where soldiers were sleeping.

The Israeli military said its fighter jets responded by striking the areas from where the projectiles were fired, without elaborating on the location.

It also said its fighters struck other Hezbollah military compounds in Naqoura and Yarine, south Lebanon.

Hezbollah militants and Israeli forces have been exchanging fire since the day after the Israel-Hamas war began on Oct. 7.

Nearly 260 Hezbollah members and about 50 civilians have been killed on the Lebanese side of the border since then.

The fighting has killed nine civilians and 11 soldiers in Israel.

AP video by Mohammed Zinaty


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