Solomon Islanders in remote province cast votes in election

(18 Apr 2024)

Makira province – 17 April 2024
1. Various of voters waiting outside polling station
2. Electoral officials inside polling station
3. Various of people voting
4. Ballot boxes on table
Voting closed across the Solomon Islands on Wednesday.

It is the South Pacific nation’s first general election since it switched diplomatic ties from Taiwan to China and struck a secret security pact that raised fears of the Chinese navy gaining a foothold in the region

The Solomon Islands’ closer relationship with China and a troubled domestic economy weighed on voters’ minds as they cast their ballots.

As many as 420,000 registered voters had their say across 50 national seats on Wednesday.

Vote counting begins on Thursday. But the result will not be known for more than a week. The 50 elected lawmakers must then choose who among will become the next prime minister.


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