Boat in Turkey prepares to break Israeli blockade and deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza

(19 Apr 2024)

Istanbul, Turkey – 19 April 2024
1. Various of cargo hold entrance of the ship “Akdeniz”
2. Various of hull of ship reading (Turkish) “Akdeniz”
3. Various of emergency boats on ship
4. Mid of Turkish flag
5. Close of windows
6. Wide of activist and retired U.S Army Colonel Ann Wright and others
7. Close of logo reading (English) “Freedom Flotilla Coalition”
8. SOUNDBITE (English) Ann Wright, activist and retired U.S Army Colonel:
“We are going because the governments of the world will not try to stop the genocide and the starvation of people of Gaza and when the governments won’t work and stop this then it’s up to the citizens. We have all been in our countries trying to force our governments to step in to force Israel to stop this genocide and they won’t do it.”
9. Various of inside the cargo hold of the ship
10. SOUNDBITE (English) Ann Wright, activist and retired U.S Army Colonel:
“This trip is a dangerous trip, there’s no doubt about that. We know the history of what the Israelis have done, they have murdered people, they have assaulted people and in these particular political times for the region with Israel sending rockets again into Iran this time, they’re blowing up a diplomatic mission in Syria, we know they are capable of everything and are willing to use force on anything.”
11. Various of people sorting aid
12. Wide of ship interior
13. SOUNDBITE (English) Ann Wright, activist and retired U.S Army Colonel:
“And the governments of the world in the UN general assembly continually say to Israel, ‘you must stop, you must stop, you must stop.’ So, Israel is endangering its national security by what it’s doing and if it attacks our boat it’s going to be a really big problem for them.”
14. Various interiors of ship
15. Various exteriors from bow of ship
Activists and aid workers from numerous international aid NGO’s are gearing up for another attempt to break through the Israeli blockade and deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

A coalition of organizations, including the IHH and the Mavi Marmara Association from Turkey, who were the organizers of the 2010 Flotilla, is preparing to set sail soon aboard the ship "Akdeniz."

Ann Wright, an activist and retired U.S. Army colonel, emphasized the perceived failure of governments worldwide to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Wright also warned that the trip is dangerous and cautioned it would be a “big problem for Israel” if they were to attack the boats.

The exact launch date remains unclear but preparations are underway inside the cargo hold, where activists are sorting aid.

On May 31, 2010, Israeli commandos stormed the Mavi Marmara in international waters, leading to an altercation which left nine people dead and dozens of activists wounded.

On the Israeli side, seven soldiers were wounded by activists who attacked them with clubs, knives and pipes.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition includes the IHH and the Mavi Marmara Association from Turkey, as well as several other organizations from Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

AP video shot by Mehmet Guzel


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