Italian foreign minister at G7 final presser

(19 Apr 2024)

Capri, Italy – 19 April 2024
1. Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani approaching lectern
2. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Antonio Tajani, Italian Foreign Minister:
"I can only confirm what the (Italian) Prime Minister (Giorgia Meloni) said. Also, in the light of my conversation this morning with (Italian) Minister (of Defence) (Guido) Crosetto that took place in the presence of (Ukrainian Foreign) Minister (Dmytro) Kuleba. I repeat, we will do everything possible to help Ukraine. Also from the point of view of air protection, we’ll see what can be done, everything possible."
3. Wide of press conference
4. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Antonio Tajani, Italian Foreign Minister:
"We want to be (have) a situation of peace there, of free movement of goods and the presence of our navy is aimed at giving a signal in favor of the free movement of goods. We work to defend the status quo in the Indo-Pacific area. We hope that there will also be a de-escalation there. We continue to want to be present also with a positive relationship with India, which is a very important country for us. Continuing to talk with China, of course. Last week there was the strategic cooperation meeting, the one founded in 2004. On a commercial level, I asked China to work with us for the security of maritime transport in the Red Sea and Suez area, since many Chinese commercial ships have also been attacked there. On that side I found a response of active involvement."
5. Wide of press conference
6. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Antonio Tajani, Italian Foreign Minister:
"The document reaffirms concerns about what North Korea is doing. We ask China, and this is also written in the document, not to provide dual-use material to the Russian Federation. So, it’s a clear message. It must be said that they are not weapons but they are dual-use materials. So even there we gave a very clear and obvious message because, I repeat, China can do a lot to stop Russia’s war against Ukraine."
7. Wide of press conference
8. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Antonio Tajani, Italian Foreign Minister:
"We’ve talked about what was happening in Palestine. It is no coincidence that we are among those calling for a cease-fire. It is no coincidence that we are among those who demand that there be no attack on Rafah. It’s not an accident here, too, we have presented in Rome, on the occasion of the visit of the Israeli Minister (Israel) Katz, our Food for Gaza project. We asked Israel to guarantee the effective implementation of the project, so much so that in the technical working group we also asked to include a representative of the Israeli embassy."
9. Wide of press conference
10. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Antonio Tajani, Italian Foreign Minister:
"I don’t know how possible it is that Israel and Iran will soon sit around a table but what matters now is de-escalation. That this phase comes to an end and a different season can open, to these greater tensions with the solution of the Gaza problem and with a reduction in aggressiveness. Certainly, both the Houthis and Hezbollah, who, as we know, are supplied by Iran. So, when we talk about common sense and de-escalation initiatives, we also ask Iran to work for a de-escalation.”
11. Tajani leaving
Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said on Friday that a Group of Seven (G7) gathering has called for a de-escalation of tensions in various parts of the world.

"The G7 worked and will work for a de-escalation,” Tajani told reporters at a closing press conference of the G7 foreign ministers meeting on the Italian island of Capri.

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