Larry David and co-stars celebrate final season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ at Paleyfest

(19 Apr 2024)
Los Angeles – 18 April 2024
1. Various of Susie Essman, actor, posing for photo call at the PaleyFest event
2. Various of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" stars including Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Jeff Schaffer, Cheryl Hines, J.B. Smoove, Larry David and Susie Essman posing
3. Medium of Cheryl Hines, actor, posing
4. SOUNDBITE (English) Susie Essman, actor:
Essman: "I feel proud. I feel incredibly proud and privileged that I’ve been a part of this show for so many years. And it doesn’t feel sad to me. It feels celebratory to me."
(Reporter: "Now I have to ask you this question. I know your character was so much of a fan favorite because it’s very, very upfront, very brash. Has anyone on the street ever approached you and – constantly have the people been fearful because they know that they be be checked?")
Essman: "No, no. People ask me to scream and yell and they shove phones in my face, saying call my husband fat you know what. And so they’re constantly asking me to curse at them, and sometimes they come over to me and I’m gracious, and I see their face visibly drop in disappointment because I’m nice."
5. Wide shot J.B. Smoove
6. SOUNDBITE (English), J.B. Smoove, actor: "
"I truly believe that this was destiny. I truly believe things happen for a reason. I truly believe you have to prepare yourself for certain things you don’t know you’re going to be a part of later on. I think it comes down to patience. Like I said, I was a big fan of this show before I got on the show. My wife, you know, she said, I’m going to be on this show one day. And I think you just I took n improv class, first class I ever did, before I started doing stand up. You talking about – I don’t want to date myself. I’m talking about probably 19, maybe, 1988, 89. You know what I mean? So these are all things I think that our growth comes from. But we don’t have any idea what that little tool of our toolbox means until we get there. I don’t know what what it really meant, although I was working on, a stand up was always. 30-40% improvised anyway. I really feel like I was in some kind of gym, you know, some kind of imaginary gym. I was just working out. Get ready to be on this show, but I didn’t know when. I didn’t know how. I knew I was a big fan of the show, and I had no idea that it would really come to fruition. You know, I mean."
7. Various of JB Smoove posing

The stars of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" gathered Thursday in Los Angeles to celebrate the long-running HBO sitcom.

Creator and star Larry David was joined by Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, JB Smoove and Susie Essman at the PaleyFest event.

The series aired the finale of its 12th and final season earlier this month.


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