From stilettoes to sheep -the bizarre and wonderful ceramic art on show in London

(20 Apr 2024)




London, UK – 19 April, 2024

1. Close zoom to ceramic high heel shoes
2. Pull focus to ceramic spiky handbag
3. Tracking shot of ceramic statue
4. Zoom to porcelain figure of girl with lipstick
5. Close zoom to two ceramic busts with crowns
6. Pan right of work by potter Rich Miller
7. Various set up shots of Rich holding crown he made
8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Rich Miller, potter
"As a young person growing up in West Sussex, I was made to feel very unwelcome. And so there was always this push and pull idea about what it was to be British. And my dad was fiercely proud of his Britishness. And I’ve constantly, through life, been trying to sort of rediscover and trying to learn what’s important and what makes us British. And the monarchy is something that’s unique to us and something we should all be proud of. And so it’s something that I use a lot because that idea of a monarchy and kind of the way they sort of exerted their rule across many nations, I find fascinating. So my dad was from British Guyana in South America, and he knew of the royal family and the crown long before he knew anything about the UK. And that formed all of his ideas about this country he was coming to. And I just find that fascinating."

9. Mid of pots by Greek potter Melina Xenaki
10. Tilt up of ancient Greek inspired pots by Xenaki
11. Pull focus showing texture and glazes on pots
12. Mid zoom of plate
13. Various set up shots of potter Melina Xenaki
14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Melina Xenaki, potter
"I went through the airport once and I had a horse in my bag. So I looked at the screen with the X-ray you can see a little horse. And he did stop me and he asked me and I showed him my Instagram and it showed that because I’m a professional, I do this and he let me go. But I am worried sometimes that they’re going to mistake them for ancient artefacts. But I think the glazing is so contemporary, the colours are so contemporary that I think of them I’m safe."

15. Close of work by Sara Dodd
16. Wide zoom of large circular hanging work by Sara Dodd
17. Pan right of delicate porcelain work by Sara Dodd
18. Various set up shots of Sara Dodd
19. SOUNDBITE: (English) Sara Dodd, potter
"For this style I was going for, I was interested in things like coral and quite natural textures, but also interested in fabrics and dyeing and lots of textile work. So that’s what sort of inspiration behind the work is from."

20. Tracking shot of work by Sara Dodd
21. SOUNDBITE: (English) Sara Dodd, potter
"So it’s a painstaking process. It has to be rolled very meticulously and very thin, to get it workable into the ribbons that wind up to make the work."

22. Close of sheep inspired by Guatemalan potter Ana Silva
23. Pan right of duck feet pot by Ana Silva
24. Various set up shots of Ana Silva
25. SOUNDBITE: (English) Ana Silva, potter
"My work it’s inspired in Guatemalan landscapes and I have different elements – the animals, the sheep, especially, this one with the little feet. And also I am representing the plants and the mountains with these green pieces."

26. Various of tentacular pieces by South Korean potter Shinhye You
27. Various set up shots of Shinhye You
28. SOUNDBITE: (English) Shinhye You, potter
"So basically because these stones were inside the dead people’s body, so they are like parasites. So they will kind of mimic these aspects of parasites because they will king of like consume the body of the dead. So I think that’s why you’ve got this mouthy aspect."


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