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India is being referred to as the next global superpower. With significant economic growth, India has become a sought-after international partner. So, what’s behind India’s growth story?

Narendra Modi has been in power for the last ten years, and, he seems to be on course to win a third consecutive term as the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy.

Modi aims to modernize India and turn it into a significant geopolitical player. He is skillfully navigating between the major power blocs and positioning India as the voice of the Global South.

So, today on To The Point, we are discussing: Is India under Modi an Underrated Superpower?

Our guests:
Walter J. Lindner is an ex-German Diplomat. He was ambassador of Germany to India from 2019-2022.
Joel Sandhu is head of global dialogue and facilitation at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin.
And Miriam Prys-Hansen. She is the Lead Research Fellow at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GiGa).

00:00 Welcome and introduction
02:00 Today’s India is a modern state with traditional and cultural values
03:00 Europe and the West do not represent the whole world
04:00 What the West can learn from India!
05:00 India is trying to be a global player and almost achieved it
06:00 Is India already a leading economy?
08:00 “Hindus first” is Modi’s agenda – one reason for his popularity
09:25 India longs to be a superpower; wants to be a member of G-7
10:11 India is very important when it comes to climate change
12:00 India regards itself as the voice of the “Global South”
13:00 India is the largest democracy but also the messiest
14:00 Narendra Modi is regarded in India as a “popstar”
16:00 Press freedom is no longer guaranteed in India
17:40 Is Modi a dictatorial person?
20:00 India continues to stand for the Non-Alignment-Movement
21:00 India is balancing international politics
24:20 India is becoming evermore transactional and pragmatic
25:00 India is very close to becoming a superpower

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