David Lynch and sustainability in focus at Milan design fair

(21 Apr 2024)



LENGTH: 7’10

Milan – 17 April 2024
1. Medium of a banner at the entrance of Salone del Mobile Milano or Milan Furniture Fair
2. Wide of people entering the fair
3. Wide of Zazzeri design entrance
4. Pan of Zazzeri taps
5. Various of Adriani & Rossi design decorative items
6. Various of "Ripple" outdoor sofa and table by Zaha Hadid Architects for the Serralunga furniture brand
7. Wide of a banner with a picture of David Lynch reading “Interiors by David Lynch. A Thinking Room. Curated by Antonio Monda”
8. Wide of “Interiors by David Lynch. A Thinking Room” installation entrance
9. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Andrea Barbato, Production Vice Director of Piccolo Teatro:
“’A Thinking Room’ is an installation designed by David Lynch. The installation was designed by David Lynch specifically for the Salone del Mobile which proposed it to him. Once David Lynch gave his support to the project, Salone del Mobile asked Piccolo Teatro for the creation of the installation. Why a theatre? Because actually it is scenography.”

10. Medium of the chair/throne inside ‘A Thinking Room’
11.Various of people and objects in the installation (pictures and objects inside it do not have a name)
12. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Andrea Barbato, Production Vice Director of Piccolo Teatro:
“Inside this space we find a throne and very large armchair. Inside this armchair we find a small table, we find some papers, we find markers, water colours, pens, and this means that this room allows people to think, and after that people can put their thoughts on paper in any form of art, by painting or writing.”

13. Various of objects and pictures inside ‘A Thinking Room’
14. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Andrea Barbato, Production Vice Director of Piccolo Teatro:
“The first meeting with David Lynch was on December 23rd through Zoom. He first sent us a sketch through Salone del Mobile, and if you saw the sketch you would be surprised because – I say this with pride – we actually managed to reproduce it, thanks to Paolo Di Benedetto, our technical manager and set designer, who took care of the entire setup.”

15. Wide of people leaving ‘A Thinking Room’
16. Wide of The International Bathroom Exhibition entrance
17. Mid of ‘Under the Surface’ installation banner
18. Various of ‘Under the Surface’ installation
19. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Emiliano Ponzi, Under the Surface creative director:
"The installation we brought to the International Bathroom Exhibition 2024 is called Under the Surface, this is because sustainability is one of the main topics of this event. The invisible technologies which have led the producers of bathroom furniture to save water.”

20. Wide of people walking through ‘Under the Surface’ installation
21. Various of informative projections inside ‘Under the Surface’ installation
22. SOUNDBITE (English) Gabriele Rossi, Manager at Accurat (co-curators of ‘Under the Surface’ installation):
“The brands that are participating to Salone del Mobile do their part in trying to innovate on how resources are used during production processes, but also by the products themselves. But we hope that creating such a space within the chaos of the fair, sort of like, creates an opportunity for people to reflect on what it means to deal with limited water resources and how they can do their part in improving and changing their habits to sort of contribute to solving the issue.”

23. Various of SAKYU chaise longue, Design Award winner 2024
24. Various of Omnires taps installation


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