Italian women demonstrate against the government to protect the right to abortion

(22 Apr 2024)

Rome, Italy – 22 April 2024
1. Wide of protest in front of the senate, with sign reading (Italian) "The body is mine and I decide"
2. Close of sign reading (English) "My body, my choice"
3. Women shouting during the demo, banner reading: "Coordination of assemblies of counselling centres"
4. Close of activist with face mask
5. Sing reading: "Listen to this beat"
6. Wide of women shouting
7. Wide of demo
9. Close of signs in the shape of abortion pills
10. Wide of an activist speaking to demonstrators
11. Close of sign reading: "You want us at the stake, you will burn with us"
"The body is mine and I manage it", shout the women who gathered on Monday in front of the Senate in Rome in defence of the right to abortion.

On Tuesday, senators will vote on a bill concerning the post-Covid recovery plan, which also contains an amendment that facilitates the involvement of "maternity support" associations into public counselling centres for abortion.

According to feminist activists and opposition MPs, this byline would open the doors of counselling centres to pro-life and anti-abortion groups.

Cecilia D’Elia, opposition senator for the Democratic Party, said "the government should realise that they keep saying they absolutely do not want to boycott or touch Law 194 (law that decriminalised abortion in Italy), but the truth is that the right-wing opposes women’s reproductive autonomy, and fears women’s choices regarding motherhood, sexuality, and abortion."

Last Friday, Veerle Nuyts, the spokeswoman for the European Commission for economic affairs, said that Italy was introducing issues into the recovery plan bill that had nothing to do with post-Covid economic development.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said that the amendment to the recovery plan bill was not changing the Italian abortion law and that "maternity support" groups would only give more awareness to women that are approaching counselling centres for abortion.

Video shot for AP by Paolo Lucariello and produced by Veronica Andrea Sauchelli


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