People in Bolivia gather for earth day

(22 Apr 2024)

La Paz, Bolivia – 22 April 2024
1. Various of Indigenous people listening to speech
2. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Angelica Ponce , Director of the multi-national unit of Mother Earth
"From this authority we are going to make it known that our struggle is heard at an international level. Because we really ask that these illegal mines which are being created, wanting to degrade our rivers, for example. We ask that they stop".
3. Wide of march and llamas
4. Wide of march
5. Wide of indigenous ceremony
6. Various of Yatiris (community healers) performing ceremony
7. SOUNDBITE (Spanish), Jaime Condori, Yatiri:
"Today, I would recommend to the whole population of Bolivia, to everybody. We will keep garbage, we will deposit it in the different places. We will not throw out to the Earth, to Mother Earth, We are abusing her. Before, as I was telling you, brother, before they did not take care of the garbage. Our ancestors remembered. But unfortunately, nowadays, wherever we throw it away wherever. "
8. Wide of ceremony
9. Various of llamas in the ceremony
On Monday, in honour of Earth Day, groups devoted to preserving their culture performed an offering to Mother Earth in La Paz, Bolivia.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year, and this year’s global campaign focuses on ending the use of plastics.

Indigenous people from the Andes arrived in downtown La Paz.

They later performed a ritual for the Pachamama or Mother Earth by burning a dead baby llama.

"Nowadays, we throw garbage everywhere, especially plastics," says Aymara chaman Jaime Condori. "Plastics need 400 years to turn into soil, but they will never become earth."

"We really ask that these illegal mining companies that are arriving (in Bolivia), degrading our rivers, for example, we ask that this evil stop," says Angelica Ponce, Director of the Plurinational Unit of Mother Earth, a government institution that fights global warming

AP VIdeo shot by Carlos Guerrero


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