Millions go hungry whilst the world wastes 19% of its food says the UN

(23 Apr 2024)




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Dandora dumpsite, Nairobi, Kenya – 19th April 2024

1. Various of Dandora dumpsite with people salvaging for anything valuable
2. Various shots of Anne Wangui a scavenger at Dandora dumpsite trying to find discarded food
3. SOUNDBITE (Kiswahili): Anne Wangui, a scavenger at Dandora dumpsite
"We scavenge the food that comes here and sell it to pig farmers. Per day, I can make around Ksh 300 ($3) and am grateful because I am able to pay my rent and educate and feed my kids. The food waste should continue coming here because without it we won’t have work."

4. Various of pigs in the dumpsite
5. Various of a market with vegetables on sale

Nairobi, Kenya – 17th April 2024

6. Various set up shots of Henry Ng’ethe, Nutrition society of Kenya at event
7. SOUNDBITE (English): Henry Ng’ethe, Nutrition society of Kenya
"Food waste is a critical component that has to be addressed for any nation around the world to be able to achieve food and nutrition security. This is something that has to be addressed from the farmers because statistics have shown that around 811 million people go hungry because of lack of food. A third of the food that is produced around the world goes to waste because of various other losses in the food system and therefore it is a critical component. The Food Agricultural Organization of the UN has shown that 40% of the food that is produced in Kenya, goes to waste. Therefore this calls for the need to address these issues and it has to be addressed from the farmers that is from production straight to the consumption. At the table."

Nairobi, Kenya – 18th April 2024

8. Various of James Lomax, Programme Manager, food systems and agriculture at UNEP
9. SOUNDBITE (English): James Lomax, Programme Manager, food systems and agriculture at UNEP
"Despite the fact that food waste has been on the top of the global agenda for quite a few years now, it has its own sustainable development target and that has been in place since 2015. So that is 9 years that countries have had a real target to have food waste, little progress is being made actually. So there needs to be a really concerted effort when it comes to of course dealing with food waste. Because food waste in some way is a symptom of an unsustainable food system. So by ensuring that we have better food to eat by ensuring that there is more value in the food that we eat, by ensuring that the food system is more efficient. Then I think, by doing that food waste will be reduced."

Dandora dumpsite Nairobi, Kenya – 19th April 2024

10. Various of people eating in a restaurant


Food waste is a growing problem according to a recent report by the United Nations Environment Programme.

The Food Waste Index Report 2024 says that in 2022 the world wasted 1.05 billion tonnes of food.

And it is not just in more developed nations as people salvaging wasted food for resale in Kenya can testify.


At Dandora dumpsite scavengers sift through garbage looking for anything valuable.

Anne Wangui spends her days at the dumpsite scavenging for food waste to collect and sell to pig farmers.

She earns about $3 a day which she says she allows her to feed her family and send her children to school.

The world wasted an estimated 19% of the food produced globally in 2022, or about 1.05 billion metric tons, according to a recent United Nations report.

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