‘Just darkness’: Gosling talks stunts and ‘The Fall Guy’

(24 Apr 2024)
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Universal City, California – April 5 2024
1. SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) Ryan Gosling, actor and Emily Blunt, actor: -on what emotions run through their mind when performing a stunt.
Blunt: “Abject terror.”
Gosling: “It’s just a dark, just darkness. And then I wake up and I go, ‘Did you get it?’
Blunt:”It’s all a blur. I’m usually quite scared, I would say, doing some of them. And, it’s that thing where you kind of want to act cool, but you don’t feel that on the inside. I feel like I’m churning on the inside. Anything scary? Anything, arial that I’ve ever done, I’d rather not do again. I’d rather leave it to these extraordinary professionals. I would love to feel the peace that these stunt performers feel.
Gosling: “They’re so calm that they kind of hypnotize you, and you’re kind of like, yeah, well, they’re very relaxed about dropping 12 stories off a building like it’s nothing. They’re so calm."
(Reporter: “You think, ‘Maybe I’m overthinking it?’ You kind of start gaslighting yourself?”)
Blunt: “See that she knows you.”


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