Mourners gather at Kyiv’s Independence Square to pay tribute to medic killed in action

(24 Apr 2024)

Kyiv, Ukraine – 24-April-2024
1. Wide of people on Independence square
2. Two shots of flowers in people’s hands
3. SOUNDBITE (Ukrainian) Iuliia Manuilova, 21, friend of Nazarii Lavrovskyi and lawyer:
"Today, we are in the center of Kyiv, bidding farewell to the hero Nazarii Lavrovskyi. From the first days of the full-scale invasion, he stood in defense of our state and saved our brave soldiers. Unfortunately, fate took its course, and he perished while carrying out combat missions in Donetsk. This is an incredibly significant loss for the medical community and for all of Ukraine."
4. Wide of people waiting for ceremony standing by flags paying tribute to fallen soldiers
5. Mid of person with flowers
6. Mid of Ukrainian commemorative flags
7. Mid of person with flowers, Ukrainian commemorative flags in the background
8. Wide of person with flowers, Ukrainian commemorative flags in the background
9. SOUNDBITE (Ukrainian) Roman Kolesnyk, 39, Head of the Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control Department at the Public Health Center:
"Nazarii was my colleague. He was a bright, kind person who responded to any requests from people. He was the specialist who developed the first standards for rational antibiotic use in Ukraine. He processed a large amount of literature and sources of information, including more than a hundred, and did what no one had done before him in our country."
10. Various of mourners and people with flowers
11. Wide of people standing in line
12. SOUNDBITE (Ukrainian) Oleksii Palii, "Druid", 49, former fighter of 112th separate territorial defense brigade, comrade of Nazarii:
"We’ve known each other since the first days. He joined us, and it was strange to see such people ending up in the war. At first, he couldn’t cope at all, but later he became a combat medic. He earned tremendous respect from all the soldiers. Rest in peace, that’s how it turned out. He was a wonderful person."
13. Wide of soldiers carrying Nazarii’s coffin
14. Mid of woman grieving
15. Wide of soldiers carrying Nazarii’s coffin
16. Mid of wife and mother near coffin
17. Mid of Nazarii’s mother grieving
18. Close of Nazarii’s wife
19. Mid of Nazarii’s photo
20. Close of medic patch on soldier’s shoulder
21. UPSOUND (Ukrainian) soldier: "Salute to you, Nazar, from everyone that you taught tactical medicine to. Salute from those whose lives you saved with it."
22. Mid of fighters laying flowers and expressing respect to Nazarii
23. Close of woman crying
24. Close of flowers laying on coffin
25. Mid of Nazarii’s mother
26. Close of friends of Nazarii crying and grieving
27. Wide of friend of Nazarii expressing respect
28. Mid of man kissing Nazarii’s coffin
29. Mid of wife of Nazarii
30. Wide top of Independence square, orchestra playing Ukrainian Anthem
31. Wide top of soldiers carrying coffin to the cemetery
32. Mid of red flowers on the ground

Friends, colleagues and army comrades gathered in Kyiv’s Independence Square on Wednesday to say goodbye to Nazarii Lavrovskyi, an army paramedic who was killed April 18 while helping to evacuate wounded troops from the frontline in the Kharkiv area of eastern Ukraine.

The 31-year-old former public health medic, who served the 244th battalion of the 112th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade, is one of tens of thousands of Ukrainians killed since Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022.

In February, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy put the number of dead at 31,000, lower than Western intelligence has estimated.

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