Refugees On Road

(31 Dec 1951) Story 3, THIS IS KOREA! – Refugees on road
428 X 399 R2, colour, sound, 1951
02:17:30: Injured soldiers receive medical attention [Good shots]. Wounded moved on stretchers
02:18:28 – Wounded put onto MedEvac H-13 Sioux helicopters *** (good shot Sioux taking off) and taken to hospital ship (anchored in harbour). Brief night-time/silhouette shot of tank/stretcher bearers.
02:19:40: Street scenes in re-taken Seoul. Civilian and military vehicles on streets.
02:20:16: South Korean troops – before and after training.
02:20:30: Aerial view of Korean refugees on road – various shots of same.
02:21:10: Smallpox vaccinations given in refugee camps.
02:21:40: Orphanage "Catholic Holy Mother Orphanage" (in Pohang). CU of Korean nuns. CU of one orphan called "Babe Ruth Dimaggio"! Marine offers cigarette to nun. Orphans receiving sweets and chewing gum from marine. Supplies are left – stars & stripes on crates – and the troops move on.
02:23:15: Soldiers on the march in cold, wet weather "brass monkey cold!" Heading north over hills. Fording rivers, over rice paddies
02:24:14: High-angle view of tanks on valley floor. They fire up at hillside. Troops advance on foot – long winding column up hill. General Chesty Puller [good shots – with pipe] gives orders over telephone/radio "Put some more fire down on these people"! Artillery fire. Soldier consults map. Smoke rises from distant hillside. Shot of a satisfied General Smith.

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