Jewish worshippers gather at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall for traditional priestly blessing

(25 Apr 2024)

Jerusalem – 25 April 2024
1. Various of Jewish worshippers covered with white prayer shawls at Western Wall plaza during traditional priestly blessing

Thousands of Jewish worshippers gathered at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall for the traditional priestly blessing prayer on Thursday.

The "Birkat Cohanim", or Cohen’s blessing, is a ritual dating back to over 2,500 years ago when King Solomon’s Temple stood on the same site.

The blessing is performed by male Jews who can trace their lineage back to the priestly caste.

Three times a year, they arrive at the Western Wall to bless the Jewish people.

The blessing is recited in Hebrew while the faithful cover their heads with prayer shawls, averting their eyes from those receiving the blessing.

The paved prayer area in front of the wall is the last remnant of the second Jewish Temple destroyed in the 1st century.

AP video shot by Alon Bernstein


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