Pet Shop Boys’ kitchen disco

(25 Apr 2024)
London – 18 April 2024
1. SOUNDBITE (English) Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, recording artists – on track "Why Am I Dancing" – and what Tennant dances to in his kitchen
Tennant: "There’s a song on the album, the third track on the album’s called ‘Why Am I Dancing?’ and that is me saying to myself, why am I dancing? Why – say really, why are you enjoying this situation of being by yourself? So you can actually dance and probably be cooking at the same time, of course."
Lowe: "Cooking and dancing."
Tennant: "Cooking and dancing."
Lowe: "Now that’s a little podcast idea isn’t it? For you."
Tennant: "It is, ‘Cooking and Dancing,’ yes. Sometimes I would be playing, dancing to classical music."
Lowe: What sort of dancing would it have been? Would it have been you know, like the classic Madonna kick, one, two, three four?"
Tennant: "Oh no."
Lowe: "Or would it just be sort of more free form?"
Tennant" "Free form, very."
Lowe: "Shapes."
Tennant: "Shapes. (sings) Why am I dancing?"
Lowe: "I can’t quite picture it."
Tennant: "Then there’s the pseudo ballet."
Lowe: "Oh, pirouettes and things?"
Tennant: "Not really pirouettes. Because there’s not room in the kitchen."

PRODUCTION: Louise Dixon


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