Relatives of those who died waiting for livers at now halted Houston transplant program seek answers

(25 Apr 2024)

The Woodlands, Texas – 24 April 2024
1. Mid of press conference
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3. SOUNDBITE (English) Tommy Hastings, attorney for victims’ families:
"In public reports, Memorial Hermann has confirmed that there have been manipulations of the data. We filed a temporary restraining order against Doctor Stephen Bannon because obviously we have great concerns that anyone that has been accused of manipulating data in a transplant program is obviously at risk of somebody that could also manipulate data on their telephone or email, their personal notes. And we feel that data should be preserved by court order while this investigation is pending."
4. Mid of Daniel Rodriguez-Corrales, son of man who died awaiting transplant
5. SOUNDBITE (English) Tommy Hastings, attorneys to victims family:
"So there needs to be accountability and transparency through Memorial Hermann, McGovern, UT, and specifically Doctor Bynon. As a physician, if he has any integrity as a physician, he’s going to openly tell everyone what happened here. And so people can have at least some sort of healing, some sort of, you know if they feel they’re entitled to damages if they can at least just get some accountability for closure."
6. SOUNDBITE (English) Niemma Mostacci, daughter man who died awaiting transplant:
"My dad was very ambitious about what he would be doing. He was a grand champion in barbecue. He was in college, and he, I was there when he was passing. But the day before, he was so excited that he was going to live. He was fighting for his life."
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8. SOUNDBITE (English) Niemma Mostacci, daughter man who died awaiting transplant:
"He can’t be here today, but I will fight for him."
9. Closeup of Daniel Rodriguez-Corrales, son of man who died awaiting transplant
10. SOUNDBITE (English) Daniel Rodriguez-Corrales, son of man who died awaiting transplant:
"My father was on the transplant list from the time from 2021 to 2023, end of year. He was just on the transplant list, waiting patiently, cooperating with everybody. Other doctor, other referrals. Just, telling them, you know, wait, wait, we’re going to give you a transplant and, you know, us cooperating, then taking us off on and kind of toying with him in a sense and just never getting that call regarding, you know, the transplant. They pretty much let him get to the point where it was liver failure, chronic liver failure."
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12. SOUNDBITE (English) Susie Garcia, mother of man who died awaiting transplant:
"There’s just a lot of Hispanic families out there that are affected as well. So they need to come forward and they need to know that justice needs to be done. So, we have lost loved ones. And yes, today, it affected our family. But we don’t know. Tomorrow might be your family. So we all need to be together in this. And we need to know the truth. And we need to make sure that those who have accountability for their actions."
13. Various, close of presser
Several relatives of patients who died while waiting for a new liver said Wednesday they want to know if their loved ones were wrongfully denied a transplant by a Houston doctor accused of manipulating the waitlist to make some patients ineligible to receive a new organ.

Officials at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center have said they are investigating after finding that a doctor had made “inappropriate changes” in the national database for people awaiting liver transplants. Earlier this month, the hospital halted its liver and kidney programs.

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