Windmill atop Paris’ famous 19th century Moulin Rouge cabaret falls from roof

(25 Apr 2024)

Paris, France – 25 April 2024
1. Wide of Moulin Rouge cabaret without windmill sails
2. Mid of worker inspecting damage with letters M, O and U missing from signage
3. Mid of windmill without sails
4. Mid of debris of windmill sails on truck
5. Close of facade

ARCHIVE: Paris, France – 2 April 2023
6. Various of tourists posing in front of Moulin Rouge (with sails complete)

Paris, France – 25 April 2024
7. Mid of damaged Moulin Rouge signage and windmill
8. Mid of security guard at cabaret entrance
9. Wide of entrance
10. Tilt down of damaged Moulin Rouge
11. Workers on sidewalk
12. Exterior of Moulin Rouge
The windmill atop Paris’ famous 19th century Moulin Rouge cabaret fell off the roof overnight.

The reason for the accident remains unknown and there were no injuries.

Foul play has been ruled out according to media reports.

The cabaret’s first letters that were affixed to the facade – the M, O and U – also fell off the building.

Metallic gates were put up in front of the building as workers on Thursday put the damaged windmill sails into a truck.

Some residents and tourists were surprised when they saw the accident zone.

AP video shot by Oleg Cetinic


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