Algerian film festival celebrating Mediterranean film kicks off with red carpet glam

(26 Apr 2024)



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Annaba – 24 April 2024
1. Exterior of theater
2. Festivalgoers
3. Various of festival logo
4. Various of people waiting for the festival talent
5. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Rania Makaoui, festivalgoer:
"I have come to attend the festival, to have an experience because it’s the first time that I’m seeing a festival and actors that I see on TV. So it’s really something. And secondly, I am going to take pictures.”

6. Crowd waiting
7. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Mohamed Djouhri, festivalgoer:
"It’s a big honor to meet actors such as Abou Chihab and that Spanish comedian. I would like to see her, she’s great. There are also those (celebrities) from Egypt and Tunisia. It’s very good.”

8. First artist to arrive on the red carpet, Hichem Mesbah
9. Various of Mesbah him waving to the public
10. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Hichem Mesbah, actor:
"The secret to a country’s success in national unity is very much festivals and cinema. To see how art brings people and regions together… We need more festivals because people are eager to see artists and see movies."


11. Various of arrival of more artists including Samer al-Masri, a Syrian actor
12. Various of al-Masri on the red carpet, waving to crowd and talking to media
13. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Samer al-Masri, actor:
"This is a great start to the festival and I hope it makes a good comeback and finds its place among the most important Arab film festivals. I am very happy to be among you and I would like to say hello to all the Algerian people."

14. Al-Masri posing on the red carpet
15. Various of Spanish actress Itziar Ituno arriving
16. SOUNDBITE (English) Itziar Ituno, actress:
"Very beautiful people. The place, Annaba is incredible. Incredible food, incredible people. I am very happy here in this festival and shukran (Arabic for thank you). Thank you for this."

17. Various of Ituno posing for photos
18. Various of people on the red carpet
19. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Mohamed Allal, the director of the International Festival of Mediterranean Film in Annaba:
"We’ve worked for more than a year and a half to create the moments that we’re living now, and I think this should be happening in every city in Algeria. Algeria has recently seen cultural activities cancelled, big events and festivals were put off. They’re coming back and they are returning in full force today. And we want Annaba to become an important stage in the Mediterranean region."

20. Various of official opening of the festival, with Allal speaking on stage
21. Films in the competition on screen at festival
22. Various of members of festival’s jury on stage
A film festival in Algeria kicked off this week with a star-studded red carpet, celebrating Mediterranean arts wile bringing glamor to the coastal Algerian city of Annaba.

The fourth Annaba Mediterranean Film Festival comes after an absence of years and a delay due to the Israel-Hamas war.

The festival was put off out of solidarity with the Palestinians in war-town Gaza.

During the opening night, on Wednesday, crowds waited outside the venue on the hopes that they will catch a glimpse of some of the celebrities as they arrive.

"it’s the first time that I’m seeing a festival and actors that I see on TV. So it’s really something," said Rania Makaoui, a festivalgoer.

The festival brought together famed artists from across the Mediterranean including Syrian actor Samer al-Masri and Spanish actress Itziar Ituno.

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