Fight for EV market at China Auto Show

(26 Apr 2024)



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Beijing, China – 25 April 2024

1. Various of MG’s electric car EXE181 on display
2. Various of MG Cyberster, an electric sports car, on display
3. Tilt-down of Zeekr booth
4. Various of Zeekr 009 Grand
5. Tilt-down of Jason Lin, Zeekr Vice President, introducing car to AP journalists
6. Various of interiors of Zeekr 009 Grand, including a big flat screen
7. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Jason Lin, Zeekr Vice President:
“What was the mass market is now being replaced by new energy. This is particularly obvious at the auto show this year. The cars you see on the new energy stand are very creative and innovative. They are eye-popping. But when we go back to the market for fuel cars, it seems that they are all cars from three years ago, five years ago.”

8. Various exteriors of the Zeekr Mix
9. Various of Zeekr Mix with front seats being turned 180 degrees
10. SOUNDBITE (English) Stefan Sielaff, design director of Zeekr:
“I wouldn’t even call it a car or an MPV or a van, it’s more a lifestyle capsule. It’s an iPod on wheels and you have a living room over here, very versatile. You can turn around the front seats, you can move the rear bench, you can add and move the centre console, you can even take it out.”

11. Various of a Zeekr car on display
12. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Jason Lin, Zeekr Vice President:
“It’s very beneficial. It’s a very good opportunity. It’s not only encouraging the development of auto companies, but also very friendly to consumers. Because they can buy more products that are better and cheaper, as well as products that are good value for money.”

13. Various of Geely Galaxy Starship concept SUV on display
14. Wide of Nissan booth
15. Various of Nissan Era concept car
16. Wide of Nissan media conference
17. SOUNDBITE (English) Makoto Uchida, President and CEO of Nissan Motor:
“And now we want to make our strategy even to be stronger in China, how we can make sure to deliver the car which meets the customer needs and meets the speed. If we cannot do those two aspects, I think it is very difficult to keep our business in China.”

18. Various of Nissan Epic concept car
19. SOUNDBITE (English) Makoto Uchida, President and CEO of Nissan Motor:
“We have a huge transformation in customer needs because customers want to be connected with the car they feel like the car (needs) to be part of their life and that (trend) is moving very fast so like us, Nissan, 90 years working in this industry, I think it’s very important for us to set the mindset (of) how we can meet those needs of the customer, and can we make that to be demonstrated by the vehicle (can we make the vehicle demonstrate that).”

20. Tilt-down of Toyota booth
21. Toyota cars on display
22. Various of Toyota bZ3C on display
23. Various of BMW i4 on display
24. Wide of BMW booth
25. Various of BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept car on display

International and domestic car brands in China are competing hard for the largest slice of country’s EV market.

At the China Auto Show they’ve been keen to show off their most innovative machines, all hoping to remain major players in the Chinese market.


The seemingly never-ending efforts of China’s electric car makers to redefine the automobile are on display at the nation’s largest annual auto show in Beijing.

Here an MG resembling a space ship is vying for trade with the lifestyle vehicle from ZEEKR.

MG is a Chinese EV brand owned by China’s SAIC.

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