Pro-Palestinian demonstrators escorted out during UW-Madison commencement ceremony

(11 May 2024)

Madison, Wisconsin – 11 May 2024
1. A group of people carrying Palestinian flags are escorted out during commencement ceremony at Camp Randall Stadium
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators were escorted out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison during a commencement ceremony on Saturday.

Video taken from the stands at Camp Randall Stadium shows a group of people carrying Palestinian flags being escorted out.

Saturday’s protest came after pro-Palestinian protesters at the campus agreed Friday to permanently dismantle their two-week-old encampment and not disrupt graduation ceremonies, in return for the opportunity to connect with “decision-makers” who control university investments by July

The university agreed to increase support for scholars and students affected by wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

Protest camps have sprung up across the U.S. and in Europe in recent weeks as students demand their universities stop doing business with Israel or companies that support its war efforts.

Organizers seek to amplify calls to end Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza, which they describe as a genocide against the Palestinians.

The protest movement began nearly three weeks ago at Columbia University in New York City.

Some colleges nationwide cracked down immediately, while others tolerated the demonstrations.

Some recently started calling in the police, citing concerns about disruptions to campus life and safety.


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