Village wrecked in aftermath of flash floods in northern Afghanistan

(11 May 2024)

Shikh Jalal, Baghlan, Afghanistan – 11 May 2024
1. Various of damaged houses in Shikh Jalal village of central Baghlan
2. SOUNDBITE (Dari) Khal Mohammad, flood survivor:
"People are under the floods, our children are under the floods, their legs and hands are broken, we do not have any place to spend the night."
4. Various of damaged houses
Flash floods from seasonal rains in Baghlan province in northern Afghanistan killed at least 50 people on Friday, a Taliban official said.

The floods also caused losses to homes and property in several districts, according to Edayatullah Hamdard, the provincial director of Natural Disaster Management in Baghlan.

The village of Shikh Jalal in central Baghlan was wrecked on Saturday in the aftermath of the floods.

In April, at least 70 people died from heavy rains and flash flooding in the country.

About 2,000 homes, three mosques, and four schools were damaged last month. Thousands of people require humanitarian assistance.

The flooding also damaged agriculture land and 2,500 animals died in the deluges, according to Saiq.


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