One patient gives hope in hot spot for sickle cell disease in rural Uganda

(12 May 2024)



LENGTH: 7:34

Mbale, Uganda – 26 April 2024

1. Medium of Barbara Nabulo arriving at Mbale Hospital
2. Various of Nabulo interacting with carers of Sickle Cell patients

Mbale, Uganda – 25 April 2024

3. SOUNDBITE (Luganda) Barbara Nabulo, sickle cell patient:
“They never thought of me as an important thing, like someone who would grow up or someone who is supposed to get an education because they used to tell my mother that people like me don’t grow, we can’t go to school, and we don’t produce children. So, as a child my mother looked after me, and she stopped taking me to the hospital when I was made 12 years old. So, when I was 12 years old she would put me in a taxi from our village and she would tell me to go to the clinic and I get medicine that the doctor would have prescribed.”

Sironko District, Uganda – 25 April 2024

4. Wide of Nabulo arriving at her parents’ home in Sironko District
5. Various of Nabulo interacting with her parents
6. SOUNDBITE (English/Luganda) Agatha Nambuya, Barbara Nabulo’s mother:
“These children, they used to die so soon. By the way, you have to work so hard all the time, you have to look at her. First of all, you have to know her blood. (Luganda : “Akawuka” – Which means virus) They change blood , after that you see the child swelling and she will feel everywhere pain and she can cry all the time and what I saw that time and all the time I have been in the hospital.”

Mbale, Uganda – 24 April 2024

7. Various of Dr. Julian Abeso interacting with a sickle cell patient
8. Various detailed shots of sickle cell patient
9. SOUNDBITE (English) Dr. Julian Abeso, Head of Paediatrics, Mbale Regional Referral Hospital:
“On average most of these children will start falling sick between the ages of 6 – 8 months, so by the time the child reaches let’s say 10 years, the child will have been admitted several times if we do not give some of these preventive drugs.”

10. Various of Usula Ipaet attending to her nephew Elungat John who is 23, but looks a decade younger, due to stunted growth caused by sickle cell
11. Various of a sickle cell patient lying in bed
12. Wide of father watching over his sick son
13. Various of Doctor explaining x-ray result to a patient’s carer
14. SOUNDBITE (English) Usula Ipaet, carer/aunt of a sickle cell patient:
“Before he was 2 years, he was falling sick but we didn’t know which disease. So we confirmed when he was 2 years in Atuturu, then from there we started struggling with him up to now.”

15. Various of people inside an emergency ward at Mbale RRH
16. SOUNDBITE (English) Dr. Julian Abeso, Head of Paediatrics, Mbale Regional Referral Hospital:
"Previously, like may be 5 years from now (ago), families would have a child with sickle cell and they wouldn’t even bring them to hospital because they thought that child would die and in the process. Because when they don’t come to hospital they don’t get the information, but now what we are seeing is that we are seeing an influx of like many people readily coming,”

Mbale, Uganda – 25 April 2024

17. Various drone shots of Nabulo’s home in the outskirts of Mbale town ++MUTE++
18. Exterior of Barbara Nabulo’s home
19. Various of Nabulo feeding her twin daughters

Mbale, Uganda – 25 April 2024

20. SOUNDBITE (Luganda) Barbara Nabulo, Sickle Cell Patient:

Sironko District, Uganda – 25 April 2024


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