Switzerland’s Nemo wins 68th Eurovision Song Contest after event roiled by protests over Gaza war

(12 May 2024)

Malmo, Sweden – 12 May 2024
1. Winner of 2024 Eurovision, Nemo, entering the news conference room
2. SOUNDBITE (English) Nemo, Winner of 2024 Eurovision:
"Unbelievable. I had to smuggle my flag in because Eurovision said no. And I did it anyway, so I hope some other people did that too. But come on. Like how, this is clearly, like, a double standard. And, as I say, like, I broke the code and I broke the trophy. Maybe the trophy can be fixed. Maybe Eurovision needs a little bit of fixing too, every now and then."
3. Wide of news conference
4. SOUNDBITE (English) Nemo, Winner of 2024 Eurovision:
"It makes me incredibly proud, not for me, but for our whole community, for everyone out there who is non-binary, gender fluid, transgender, just people, people that are daring to be themselves, and people that need to be heard and need to be understood. We need more compassion. We need more empathy. We need to listen to each other. We need to try to understand each other instead of talking about each other, we need to talk with each other. And I think that is really important. And I hope that tonight was way of, or can be a way of, remembering that."
5. Reporter asking question
6. SOUNDBITE (English) Nemo, Winner of 2024 Eurovision:
"I have to say, this whole experience was really intense and not just pleasant all the way. There were a of a lot of things that didn’t seem like it was all about love and unity. And that made me really sad. And at the same time, I’m just, there was so much love here as well. And there was so much coming together, and there was so many different cultures meeting and and people that just are full of positivity, love for music. And that really gave me hope. And I know these people exist and they exist in the world, but we need to work to create such an environment. And we need to ask ourselves, what is such an environment and what do we want to stand for? And I really hope that Eurovision continues and can continue to stand for peace and love in the future. And I think that needs a lot of work still."
7. Reporter asking a question
8. SOUNDBITE (English) Nemo, Winner of 2024 Eurovision, asked about the Dutch entry Joost Klein who was disqualified:
"I really haven’t looked into that, that much. And I don’t feel like I can give a statement to that because I don’t really know any specifics or anything, so I’ll just probably refrain from that if I don’t have anything smart to say, yeah."
9. Various of Nemo posing for photos
Swiss singer Nemo won the 68th Eurovision Song Contest early Sunday with “The Code,” an operatic pop-rap ode to the singer’s journey toward embracing a nongender identity.

Switzerland’s contestant beat Croatian rocker Baby Lasagna to the title by winning the most points from a combination of national juries and viewers around the world. Nemo, 24, is the first nonbinary winner of the contest that has long been embraced as a safe haven by the LGBT community. Nemo is also the first Swiss winner since 1988, when Canadian chanteuse Celine Dion competed under the Swiss flag.

“Thank you so much,” Nemo said after the result from Saturday’s final was announced soon after midnight. “I hope this contest can live up to its promise and continue to stand for peace and dignity for every person.”

AP Video shot by Kwiyeon Ha.

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