Director Mohammad Rasoulof talks about his new banned film Manuscripts Don’t Burn, in Cannes

(24 May 2013) AP Entertainment
Cannes, France, 24 May 2013
1. Pan of interview location with Mohammad Rasoulof walking over
2. Close up Mohammad Rasoulof
3. Medium shot Mohammad Rasoulof
4. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Mohammad Rasoulof, director:
"There are some dark points in the intellectual history of Iran. I’ve always been attached to understanding those dark points and getting in to those dark points and digging in to them and trying to find out what, why and how of these dark points in the intellectual history. One of these dark points is the story of the bus, known as the story of the bus. And that’s how it all started you know, I wanted to get in to the nitty gritty of the thing and understand why it happened, when it happened and who was there and why it happened you know."
5. Medium shot Mohammad Rasoulof being interviewed
6. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Mohammad Rasoulof, director:
"It’s not a documentary, it’s fiction inspired by an event which is very much true. I mean we know the details of the event because there are survivors, there is testimonies, writings, memories about that thing. I have met some of those people, the key people involved in that. So it’s very much a true story a real thing, but from that point on it’s an inspiration. I was inspired by a true story and then I tell my own story based on it."
7. Wide shot Mohammad Rasoulof
8. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Mohammad Rasoulof, director:
"As you can imagine from the very beginning, from the moment the very idea started germinating in my mind about this film I knew that is was going to be almost mission impossible. There is going to be no legal permit, license, the government is going to be opposed to it, authorities and everything. So that was quite clear from the beginning. There are two points, first I wanted to produce it myself, why? Because as soon as there is a third party producer they can immediately say that you are dependent on foreign sources and foreign money, foreign funding. So it was out of the question from right at the beginning. I wanted to be my own producer. The second thing is that very early in the process we made a collective decision, my team played an important role throughout the whole thing, we knew that is was going to be mission impossible and we knew that the only way to do it is if we stick together and that was the only way to do it. We heavily relied on ourselves and I the team and that was the only way we could do it."
9. Medium shot Mohammad Rasoulof being interviewed
10. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Mohammad Rasoulof, director:
"If you may, let me keep my procedures and secret things because maybe I want to use them for the next movie."
11. Wide shot interview with pool in the foreground

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