Petsch on bidding farewell to ‘Riverdale’

(14 May 2024)
London – 18 April 2024
1. SOUNDBITE (English) Madelaine Petsch, actor and executive producer – on ‘Riverdale’ and still being in touch with the cast:
"Playing a character for seven years is such a blessing because she’s really part of you at a certain point where it’s like flipping on a switch. But it was absolutely time for us to say goodbye to those characters. Like, I think we really did it, if you know what I mean. So I miss my friends. I miss the crew. I miss my Cami (Mendes) and Lily (Reinhart) and Vanessa (Morgan). But it was time. Like, we all need to spread our wings and fly like a little baby birds."
(Reporter: "And she (Camila Mendes) was telling me how you guys now make more of an effort to see each other because you don’t have, like, the same schedule anymore.")
"Yeah, it’s tough because she just did press for ‘Upgraded’ and ‘Música.’ Now I’m here doing this, then Lily goes off. It’s so hard to get all of us in the same room, but we really do make an active effort to see each other, usually if we’re all in town once a week."


PRODUCTION: Martina Inchingolo


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