Thousands protest in Israel as cracks show in war cabinet | DW News

Cracks have begun to show in Israel’s war cabinet over the future of the Gaza Strip. Former defense minister Benny Gantz is threatening to resign from the cabinet unless the government comes up with a concrete plan for a post-war Gaza. He had joined as a show of unity after Hamas launched the October 7 terrorist attack. Now, Gantz has set a three week deadline, ramping up the pressure on prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Meanwhile, fighting between Israel and Hamas is intensifying. Northern Gaza is seeing some of the fiercest battles of the war so far, months after Israel declared the end of operations in the area. While in the south, hundreds of thousands flee fighting in Rafah, many of them not for the first time.

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03:14 DW’s Schani Rozanes provides analysis
07:16 DW speaks with Ahmed Bayram from the Norwegian Refugee Council


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