Trump walks out of court Tuesday afternoon saying he thinks he had a ‘very, very good day.’

(14 May 2024)

New York – 14 May 2024
1. SOUNDBITE (English) Donald Trump, Former U.S. President:
"Today, we had a very I think a very good day. And for you, you see what’s happening. This I can’t talk about it too much, but, I think it was a very, very good day."
2. SOUNDBITE (English) Donald Trump, Former U.S. President:
"We’ll be back tomorrow. Again, we had a very good day. I think we’re exposing this scam for what it is. Thank you very much."
3. Trump turns and walks away from cams
Former U.S.. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he thinks he and his defense team had a very good day. Trump spoke briefly reporters as he left court following proceedings in his hush money trial in New York.

On Tuesday, Trump’s defense attorneys grilled the prosecutors’ star witness, portraying former attorney Michael Cohen as a media-obsessed liar who’s determined to see the former president behind bars. Cohen on Tuesday endured intense questioning by Trump’s legal team after providing pivotal testimony tying the presumptive Republican presidential nominee directly to the hush money scheme at the heart of the case. Cohen will return to the witness stand Thursday for more cross-examination before prosecutors rest their case. Trump denies any wrongdoing in the case, which he has portrayed as an effort to hurt his 2024 presidential campaign.


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