Could further European countries recognize Palestinian statehood? | DW News

Ireland, Norway and Spain announced earlier this week that they will recognize Palestinian statehood. Many Western countries have resisted recognizing an independent Palestinian state for years – but Israel’s war against Hamas after the October 7 terror attack has put renewed focus on the issue.

This package was part of our reporting on Wednesday, following the announcements by Ireland, Norway and Spain. Israel has condemned those announcements, warning the recognition could lead to "more terrorism and instability."

Our livestreamed and televised coverage on Wednesday included an interview with Noura Erakat, a Palestinian-American activist and legal scholar. Many people have reached out to DW saying they would like to see that live interview online. We are making it available here in the full context of our coverage from Wednesday’s news show at 16:00 UTC.

00:00 Intro
02:28 DW correspondents Jack Parrock in Brussels and Rebecca Ritters in Jerusalem
05:36 Palestinian-American activist and legal scholar Noura Erakat
08:38 DW Chief Political Editor Michaela Küfner


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