#GerofitExercise: Cardio Drumming Calorie Burn Session

This #GerofitExercise cardio drumming session is a 30 minute moderate intensity aerobic exercise journey that can be done with little equipment. This session is led by Physical Therapist Jessica Ramos. This routine is designed for individuals of all abilities and can be completed seated or standing, so you can choose which version works best for you. Exercise is great for your physical, mental, and emotional health, especially as you age. Join our Gerofit team for a great workout today! If you like this video, share it with your family and friends and try our other #Gerofitexercise videos!

00:00 Start Veteran Testimonial
00:20 Disclaimer
00:52 Introduction
2:35 Warm-Up
08:19 Main-Routine (Round 1)
15:15 (Round 2)
20:06 (Round 3)
25:06 Cool-Down

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