G7 foreign ministers arrive for meeting at Capri, Italy

(17 Apr 2024)

Capri, Italy – 17 April 2024
1. Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani greeting EU Foreign Affairs Representative Josep Borrell
2. Close of G7 summit sign
3. Tajani greeting Japanese Foreign Minister Yōko Kamikawa
4. Tajani and Kamikawa walking on carpet
5. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Antonio Tajani, Italian Foreign Minister:
“We want to continue to help Ukraine. Why? Because we want international law to be respected. We would like that no one in this world can think that the law of the strongest rules. We do it because we want peace."
6. Wide of ceremony
7. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken arriving at meeting
European foreign ministers arrived in the Italian city of Capri on Wednesday and were welcomed by Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, ahead of the G7 meeting.

Discussions at the summit were set to focus on the bloc’s competitiveness in the face of increased competition from the United States and China.

Tensions in the Middle East and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine decided otherwise and the 27 leaders will dedicate Wednesday evening talks to foreign affairs.

As the unprecedented attack by Iran on Israel ratcheted up regional tensions and raised fears of a wider war, EU leaders will urge “all parties to exercise utmost restraint and refrain from any action that may increase tensions in the region,” according to a draft of their summit conclusions.

Speaking to leaders, Tajani said he wanted to continue helping Ukraine because "we want international law to be respected."

AP video shot by Luigi Navarra
Production: Trisha Thomas


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