Heavy rains wreak havoc in parts of East Africa

(17 Apr 2024)

Ombaka, Kisumu County, Kenya – 17 April 2024
1. Various drone shots of houses submerged in floodwater ++MUTE++
2. People entering Omabaka Primary Evacuation Centre
3. Various of people in the evacuation center
4. Juliana Atieno Ochieng drinking from a jug
5. Various of Juliana Atieno Ochieng showing her amputated leg
6. SOUNDBITE (Luo) Juliana Atieno Ochieng, Kakola Ombaka resident:
"In the year 2019, while I was salvaging my household items after the heavy flooding, something pricked me in my leg and it turned out to be a big thing and I got amputated. The floods still live with me and today I am lame, I cannot even get out of these flood waters after it filled my house, my house is still submerged in water.”
7. Ochieng
8. Various of officials removing items from flooded homes
9. SOUNDBITE (English) Augustine Neto Awich, assistant chief of the Kakola Ombaka sublocation:
"In fact, 646 households have been displaced out of which 246 are camping at Ombaka Primary School or Ombaka evacuation center. Three hundred and eighty have gone to stay with their relatives who are on higher grounds.”
10. Officials carrying items and walking in floodwater
11. Various of flooded home, Duncan Onyango salvaging his belongings
12. SOUNDBITE (Luo) Duncan Onyango, a resident of Kakola Ombaka:
"Since the start of the rains I have lost eight cattle, eight chickens, and nine goats as a result of the rains, and even this house where I am talking to you is destroyed, and this is the fifth time I am rebuilding it. I don’t know what to do. This is a problem that reoccurs in my life every year when it rains."
13. Close of Duncan Onyango’s items on the table
14. Various of a man walking with his two calves in the flood water
15. Various of boats evacuating more people from flooded areas
East Africa is experiencing heavy rains, with flooding in Kenya killing at least 13 people so far.

Floods have killed 58 people in Tanzania during the last two weeks, the government said, as heavy rains continue in the East African country.

Infrastructure across the region has also been damaged and those living in flood-prone areas are being urged to move.

Thousands of people are said to be displaced from areas prone to flooding.

Kenya’s meteorological department had warned the country was set to experience very high rainfall and asked people to prepare for floods.

The rains are expected to reach their peak towards the end of this month.

AP video shot by Fred Ooko


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