G7 FM meeting in Capri opens as Borrell warns of regional war in Mideast

(18 Apr 2024)

Capri – 18 April 2024
1. Pan shot of of Capri Island
2. Wide of waves hitting Faraglioni, a famous rock formation off Capri Island
3. Cameras and G7 signs in Piazza in Capri
4. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell speaking to reporters
5. SOUNDBITE (English) Josep Borrell, EU foreign policy chief:
“Western countries, Japan, Canada, US, Europe have to take quicker decisions in order to support Ukraine more, because we cannot afford the Putin’s victory in Ukraine. And Ukrainians are fighting but they need arms, they need arms. I haven’t finished. They need arms and we have to provide them much quicker. That’s the call I made to the minister of defenses – on the following these concrete decisions have to be taken in order to send to Ukraine more air defense. Otherwise, the electricity system of Ukraine will be destroyed. And no country can fight without having electricity at home, in the factories, in the front line for everything.”
6. Borrell speaking to journalists
7. SOUNDBITE (English) Josep Borrell, EU foreign policy chief:
“In the situation in the Middle East, we don’t have to lose focus on what’s happening in Gaza. In Gaza, humanitarian catastrophe continues. Humanitarian support has very little increased, has increased, but very, very, very, very insufficient. We have to ask Israel for restrained answer to the Iranians attack. We cannot escalate. You cannot go step by step, answering every time higher to a regional war. I don’t want to exaggerate, but we are on the edge of a war, a regional war in the Middle East.”
8. Borrell leaving press area
9. Tilt down from Quisisana hotel, where talks are taking place, to police officers standing outside
10. People going in and out of Quisisana hotel
The Group of Seven foreign ministers meeting began on Thursday on the Italian resort island of Capri, with the discussion focusing on the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the meeting, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell urged Western leaders to provide more vital support to Ukraine in its two-year war with Russia.

“They need arms, and we have to provide them much quicker,” Borrell said.

The United States and several European countries are discussing proposals to use the profits generated from billions of euros of frozen Russian assets to help provide weapons and other funds for Ukraine.

Such proposals have gathered steam as U.S. efforts to get new funds for weapons have stalled in Congress.

The EU’s top diplomat also warned of wider regional war in the Middle East and said the focus should be on the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

“I don’t want to exaggerate, but we are on the edge of a war, a regional war in the Middle East,” he added.

Tensions have ramped up since the start of the latest Israel-Hamas war on Oct. 7, when Palestinian militant Hamas — an ally of Iran — and Islamic Jihad groups from Gaza attacked southern Israel, killing 1,200 people and taking 250 others as hostages.

Israel responded with an offensive in Gaza that has caused widespread devastation and killed over 33,800 people, according to local health officials.

World leaders have urged Israel not to retaliate after Iran launched the attack last weekend toward Israel, pushing the Mideast closer to a regionwide war.

The attack happened less than two weeks after a suspected Israeli strike in Syria killed two Iranian generals in an Iranian consular building.

“We have to ask Israel for restrained answer to the Iranians attack. We cannot escalate,” Borrell said.

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