Newborn bearded monkey delights keepers and visitors on its public debut at German zoo

(18 Apr 2024)

Cologne, Germany – 18 April 2024
1. Various of bearded monkey infant and its mother "Medini" roaming through enclosure at Cologne zoo
2. SOUNDBITE (German) Nico Pyszora, animal keeper at Cologne zoo:
"He’s starting to reach a bit now and take his own steps, but he’s actually only on his mum’s side. Every now and then his big sister comes and looks at him or his father comes around and looks at him, but so far he hasn’t done much."
3. Various of monkeys
4. SOUNDBITE (German) Nico Pyszora, animal keeper at Cologne zoo:
"Bearded monkeys are a rare species that come from Asia, from India, more precisely from the south of India. They only occur there in one area, which is why they are so endangered, of course mainly by humans, through deforestation. And that’s why we’re very happy about the breeding and that it worked again."
5. Bearded monkey infant and his mother "Medini", zoom out to father "Obi" sitting nearby
6. Various of monkeys
A zoo in western Germany on Thursday presented its latest animal addition: a newborn bearded monkey.

Proud mother Medini gave birth to her as yet unnamed baby at the zoo in Cologne on March 14.

Keepers said Medini was 15-years-old when she gave birth, while the father was named as 12-year-old Obi.

The couple’s little bundle of fun has been developing optimally and is clearly visible to visitors, they added.

Bearded monkeys are considered one of the rarest primate species on Earth, threatened mostly by deforestation.

AP video by Daniel Niemann


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