Zack Snyder’s double Synder cut for the ‘Rebel Moon’ films

(18 Apr 2024)
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London – 16 April 2024
1. SOUNDBITE (English) Zack Snyder, writer/director:
"Netflix has been amazing because Netflix has been so, just just in this adventure and like, okay, we’re going to make these two PG 13 movies that are two hours long, going to be, like, really easy to consume and really fun for the whole family and just this amazing thing. And then like, they’re like, ‘okay, well, we’ve read your script, which you would, you would you originally wrote, which is crazy R-rated. Each of the movies is three hours long, you know, and so but we want to do that too. We think that’s awesome.’ So it’s been fun. So, you know, later this summer or at some point you’re going to get these two three-hour movies that are, I would say alternate universe to this movie, but very it’s ‘Rebel Moon,’ of course, but it’s just, it’s just on steroids, I guess, for whatever you want, whatever you want to, whatever you want to call it."



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