Dubai airport works to recover after record-shattering rain in UAE

(20 Apr 2024)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 20 April 2024
1. Various of outside of Dubai International Airport
2. Entrance of Terminal 3
3. Various of lines at check-in counters of Terminal 3
4. Passengers try to rebook flights
5. Various of sleeping passengers

Dubai International Airport is working to recover after record-shattering rain fell in the United Arab Emirates.

The airport is the world’s busiest for international travel.

On Saturday, hundreds stood in lines at Terminal 3, home to the long-haul carrier Emirates, hoping to board flights.

The lines at 5 a.m. were markedly longer than typical at that hour.

Inside, many still slept in chairs or on the floor, with their carry-on bags around them.

The UAE, a hereditarily ruled, autocratic nation on the Arabian Peninsula, typically sees little rainfall in its arid desert climate.

However, a massive storm forecasters had been warning about for days blew through the country’s seven sheikhdoms Tuesday.

By the end of the day, more than 142 millimeters (5.59 inches) of rainfall had soaked Dubai over 24 hours.

An average year sees 94.7 millimeters (3.73 inches) of rain at Dubai International Airport.

Other areas of the country saw even more precipitation.

The airport ended up needing 22 tankers with vacuum pumps to get water off its grounds. Many saw their travel disrupted.

AP video shot by: Jon Gambrell


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