Missile found in the Israeli desert

(21 Apr 2024)

Dead Sea, Israel – 21 April 2024
1. Large part of a missile lying in the desert with writing on it (English) “EMA SXE A276”
2. Walking shot of missile
3. Various of missile
4. Part of missile with writing “EMA SXE A276”
5. Various of part of missile
An unusual object has been found lying in the area of the Dead Sea in Israel – a large part of a missile with the writing “EMA SXE A276" on it.

The missile’s origin and how it got there wasn’t immediately clear, although it was found a week after the unprecedented attack by Iran on Israel last Sunday.

Iran launched hundreds of drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles that sought to overwhelm Israel’s air defences in the April 13 attack — the first on Israel by a foreign power since Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein launched Scud missiles at Israel in the 1991 Gulf War.

However, Israeli air defences and fighter jets, backed by the U.S., the United Kingdom and neighbouring Jordan, shot down the vast majority of the incoming fire. 

Iran’s attack came in response to a suspected Israeli strike on April 1 targeting a consular building next to the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Syria, which killed two Guard generals and others. 

AP video by Moshe Edri


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